Learn to relax.... very deeply relax

Relaxation is at the core of most improvements in well-being, growth in confidence, overcoming fears and changing our behaviour. These recordings are the essential anti-stress and anti-anxiety tools.

The more you use them the better you get at relaxing. Listen to these at the end of long day and just melt that stress away!

(For those wanting to change habits of excessive drinking in the evenings use this when you come home as part of a decompression routine... you'll find you reach less and less for the glass of wine!)

Deep Relaxation and Stress Release

A 21 minute recording you can listen to at home or commuting to work (not if you're driving!) - simple, accessible, non-new age. Takes you into a state of deep physical and mental relaxation.


Listen to short audio sample (MP3)

  This is one of the most popular recordings with clients. Developing ease and skill in relaxing deeply is fundamental to most therapeutic improvement.

21 minutes long, MP3 format, available for download now.

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