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Here you will find brief, effective, powerful recordings that bring about profound personal transformation and growth within a short period of time.

These recordings were originally made to support clients going through one-to-one hypnotherapy - however it soon became obvious that making them available to everyone to use at home could be very beneficial.

It is entirely possible to self-treat oneself for many conditions - particularly with a combination of appropriate books and self-hypnosis and relaxation recordings.


"I am very impressed with your Relaxation and Confidence recording, not only because it delivers such a wonderfully positive message, but because of your amazingly relaxing voice. I could listen to you speak for hours." - Jim


All recordings by professional hypnotherapist: Mark Davis

These recordings have been made by Mark Davis, a professional hypnotherapist from the UK. Mark has a full time practice in London - with clinics Harley Street and also in North London. His experience and skill as hypnotherapist is backed up by 20 years of study and practice of yoga, meditation and philosophy - including five years in India and a further 10 years in an international yoga foundation in the United States.
However his clinical work is based on a scientific and evidence-based approach.Albion Online Gold You can find out more about Mark and his clinical practice here.

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Hypnotherapy Training


 If you are interested in training to be a hypnotherapist - either to start a new career or to add hypnotherapy to an existing therapy practice - or perhaps you want to learn more about hypnosis and self-hypnosis for your personal development (or curiosity) - then we recommend the hypnotherapy training and workshops at The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. This College has been running for many years and is known for offering modern, scientifically oriented, evidence-based accredited hypnotherapy training courses and workshops in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.GW2 Gold swtor credits rs 2007 Gold

The UK College specialises in an evidence-based approach and it's own propietary system of Hypno-CBT integrating Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with hypnosis.Tera Gold fifa coins kaufenalbion online goldDAOC Plat Blade and Soul Gold



All recordings are by Mark Davis, a professional hypnotherapist based in LondonTera GoldTibia GoldDarkscape Gold eso gold