Learning to accept ourselves, others and our world

Acceptance lies at the core of feeling better about ourselves and our world. When we fill our minds with inflexible demands "I must be like this" or "He must be like that" or "It shouldn't be like that" - then we create the seeds of our distress.

Learning and practicing emotional acceptance is essential for personal happiness.

This self-hypnosis recording will not only deeply relax you it aims to recondition your thinking to be not only more positive but acceptaning of yourself, of others and of life itself.

The famous psychotherapist Albert Ellis believe that inflexible demands lie at the root of human distress. Fundamentally these boil down to usually one or more of three "must" statements.

"Others MUST approve of me else that would be terrible and I couldn't stand it."

"Other MUST treat me fairly and how I wanted to be treated else they deserve to be condemned."

"The world MUST treat me fairly and give me what I want. If it doesn't that would awful and I couldn't stand it."

This recording helps dissolve these "must" statements by developing unconditional acceptance of self, others and our world.


Emotional Acceptance and Security


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